Kirkeby-Feld Hombroich

The Kirkeby-Feld is on the Berger Weg half-way between the Museum and the Missile Base, just behind the railway line. Karl-Heinrich Müller (1936-2007) bought the strips of land to the right and left of the Berger Weg together with the missile site in 1994. He attracted well-known artists and architects for creating buildings in this new area and they closely followed Erwin Heerich’s ideal (developed for the Insel Hombroich museum) of architecture as sculpture, i.e. as free – rather than applied or utilitarian – art.

The Kirkeby-Feld takes its name from the Danish artist who devised sculptural architecture for this place. Per Kirkeby is mainly known as a painter and creator of brick sculpture. However he also has a doctorate in geology, has made films, participated in Performances, and became known in the mid-1960s as a poet and essayist.

“Huset”, his first outdoor sculpture in brick, was created in 1973. Kirkeby’s early brick sculpture was not walk-in and is only accessible to the observer through its manifestation as sculptural form. His first walk-in brick sculpture was produced at the end of the 1980s, and out of that there later developed functional buildings which can be comprehended as both sculpture and architecture. Kirkeby’s buildings at Hombroich also come into that category.