Literature is an essential component in the Hombroich Cultural Environment. From the start there were readings by celebrated writers in the “Rosa Haus”, the nucleus of Hombroich Island. They included H.C. Artmann (1921–2000), Oskar Pastior (1927–2006), Sarah Kirsch, Inger Christiansen (1935–2009), and Heiner Müller (1929–1995). The “Pink House” is today the home of the Hombroich Institute of Literature and Art, and of the Volker Kahmen collection.

Young poet Thomas Kling (1957–2005) moved to the Hombroich Raketenstation in the mid-1990s at the invitation of Karl-Heinrich Müller (1936–2007). He then established the “Hombroich: Literatur” gathering at Müller’s suggestion. Müller encouraged Kling to invite his poet friends so as to gain the support of a younger generation for ongoing commitment to the Hombroich project. In 2001 Müller and Kling inaugurated the “Hombroich Literary Fellowship” programme of stipendia.

Since Kling’s death in 2005 poet Oswald Egger has been responsible for this scheme and has also developed “Hombroich: Poesie” out of the previous literary gatherings. He acts as curator for readings and symposia at the Raketenstation.